Acts of Kindness

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Dov P Elkins

People often criticize Chabad for their strict theology and ritual demands. Though trained as a Conservative rabbi, I have

attended Chabad services since retirement. While I disagree with their theology, and with separate seating, I have found them

among the kindest of all Jewish denominations. They will guarantee a minyan for mourners in almost any location in the world.

When traveling we always find a Chabad house for a gracious, hospitable  Shabbat meal.  They visit Jews in prison and hospitals,

and thus I find them among the kindest groups of all Jewish denominations.  (Not to mention the inspirational davening in most

Chabad minyanim).  Being open to new ideas, I love attending Chabad services, even though I do not call myself Chabad.

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William Berkson

William Berkson replied 6 months ago

Dov, that's really interesting. I haven't had much contact, but when I did I found them unusually warm and charming. I guess, as well as being a mitzvah, chessed has some magic in human relations!

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Douglas J Sanderson

Douglas J Sanderson replied 2 months 2 weeks ago

Gents, we’re Reform. But when my father-in-law was weakening in assisted living it was a Chabad rabbi who visited him at least weekly, no demands or questions asked, and sat with him m, even helping him lay Tefillin. Yes, even though the Rabbi would have loved to recruit us to Chabad, as that’s his mission I believe, he never pressured us. He was, he IS, a mentsh in his acts of kindness.