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lee t egherman

When we act kindly, without drawing attention to ourselves or our cause, we are most genuine.

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William Berkson

William Berkson replied 1 month 1 week ago

This is an interesting question. Maimonides says that money given as charity anonymously is more meritorious, so you have a case there. On the other hand, it's supposed to be good in any case. I do have a story of this, about my father, a dentist, which I only heard after his death, because he never talked about his acts of kindness. He had done a lot of pro bono dental work for poor children—which I guess is in the category of gemilut chassidim. When the organization wanted to honor him, he said he'd stop doing it if they made it public. He had such a distaste for showing off. Unlike me! His memory is a blessing to me. He didn't have to tell us children how kind he was. We knew.