Acts of Kindness

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Dov P Elkins

People often criticize Chabad for their strict theology and ritual demands. Though trained as a Conservative rabbi, I have

attended Chabad services since retirement. While I disagree with their theology, and with separate seating, I have found them

among the kindest of all Jewish denominations. They will guarantee a minyan for mourners in almost any location in the world.

When traveling we always find a Chabad house for a gracious, hospitable  Shabbat meal.  They visit Jews in prison and hospitals,

and thus I find them among the kindest groups of all Jewish denominations.  (Not to mention the inspirational davening in most

Chabad minyanim).  Being open to new ideas, I love attending Chabad services, even though I do not call myself Chabad.

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William Berkson

William Berkson replied 3 months ago

Dov, that's really interesting. I haven't had much contact, but when I did I found them unusually warm and charming. I guess, as well as being a mitzvah, chessed has some magic in human relations!