Deborah Lipstadt on truth, facts, lies, the Holocaust—and political debate.

Real name
William Berkson

Deborah Lipstadt from her Ted talk

"Many of us have been taught to think there are facts and there are opinions -- after studying deniers, I think differently. There are facts, there are opinions, and there are lies. And what deniers want to do is take their lies, dress them up as opinions. …Then if they're opinions, they should be part of the conversation. And then they encroach on the facts.

"Social media, for all the gifts it has given us, has also allowed the difference between facts -- established facts -- and lies to be flattened.

"Truth is not relative. …There are certain things that are true. There are indisputable facts -- objective truths. …The Earth is not flat. The climate is changing. Elvis is not alive.

"Truth and fact are under assault. The job ahead of us, the task ahead of us, the challenge ahead of us is great. The time to fight is short. We must act now. Later will be too late."

From the Guardian, on the recent political attack on truth: 

"Irving was to Holocaust deniers what Breitbart News is to the alt-right. Both Irving and Breitbart take lies, and parade them as opinions in order to encroach upon facts."