Righteous Gentiles

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Dov P Elkins

I recently returned from a trip to Poland, and was impressed with two ideas. First, one small Polish town, Markova, there were so many Righteous Gentiles that the town built a museum dedicated to the residents of that town who had the moral courage to save Jews, at risk of their own lives. An amazing museum, and very inspiring to see all the people who had the courage to save Jewish lives, when risking their own lives.

The second thought that came to me was that American pilots who flew over Auschwitz were told not to bomb the railways to the crematorium. What if some of them took it upon themselves, despite orders to the contrary, to bomb the railways?  How many Jewish lives might have been saved!! Indeed moral courage can be found in many different situations.


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William Berkson

William Berkson replied 11 months 1 week ago

Rabbi Elkins, that's a really important point that moral courage comes in different forms. Few of us are put in the situation where we have the stark choice of deciding whether to risk our lives in order to save another. That was the inspiring case with the Righteous Gentile. But almost all of us are in positions where we have to risk disapproval of bosses in an organization to do the right thing, something that can make a real difference to help others. May we all have the insight to recognize these situations, and the courage to rise to them!